Whether you need finance for business property or funding for expansion, our job is to find you the right commercial mortgage.

Specialist lenders and high street banks, building societies and private banks are our main focus. However, in some circumstances, we’ll also look at alternative finance sources

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Can you repay the loan? It may seem obvious, but it’s the first thing a lender providing finance for business property will want to know.

You know how well your business has performed and you’re confident in its future. Our job as your commercial mortgage specialist is to make sure that confidence comes across clearly to potential lenders.

So we’ll make sure your proposal gives you the best possible chance of a speedy and positive response. We don’t just include your headline figures: we make sure the lender understands your underlying performance as well.

Some of the funding options that may be available to you:

  • Funding between 70 and 75% loan to value (LTV) in some sectors
  • An initial interest-only period to improve cash flow when you take on a new loan
  • 25 year term loans

We can provide quotes so you can assess the impact of different loan terms on your cash flow.

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